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Company News >> Advantages of Integrated Solar Street Lights Compared With Traditional Street Lights


In order to accelerate the substitution of clean energy and serve the construction of an eco world, we actively promoted the research, development, and application of integrated solar street lights, and actively carried out the installation of solar street lights, successively installing integrated solar street lights in suitable places of the world.

The integrated solar street lights are installed on suitable places of the country ( with enough sunshine). Therefore, the beautiful installed solar street light with a black polycrystalline silicon solar panel, a blue lampshade, and a white light pole constitutes a beautiful landscape.

Integrated solar street light is a kind of street light that uses solar energy as energy source, which is used to provide night road illumination. Its light pole and battery assembly are integrated design and have wind resistance capability. In addition, it adopts a high efficient LED lighting source design, which has the advantages of high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable operation, no cable installation, no consumption of conventional energy, and with long service life.

In addition, integrated solar street lights can also make full use of green clean energy, and its energy storage battery can also automatically power the LED lights, even in the rainy days, can still be continuous lighting for 3 days, both energy-saving and safe.

Let’s summarize the advantages of integrated solar street lights:

Energy Saving: Providing electricity by solar energy photoelectric conversion, it is inexhaustible and inexhaustible;
Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation;
Safety: no accidents such as electric shock, fire, etc.;
Convenient: Simple installation, no need for wiring or digging construction, no power outage and power shortage concerns;
Long life: It’s high in science and technology, control systems and accessories are brand-name, intelligent design, reliable quality;
Less investment: one-time investment is equivalent to AC investment (AC power investment from the transformation of electricity, electricity, control boxes, cables, projects), long-term use;
A wide range of applications: solar energy comes from nature, so any place where have sunshine can use it, especially suitable for green landscape lighting, high-end residential and outdoor lighting, coastal landscape lighting and embellishment of tourist attractions.

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